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Marina Bay Sands, the Best Place to Stay for Family Vacation

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most classic hotels in Singapore. This hotel is suitable as an option when you are with your family. It is because it has a variety of luxurious facilities that will pamper you and your family.

Marina Bay Sands

The Establishment

Marina Bay Sands project started in 2010. This hotel took three years to build. The construction of this hotel began in 2007. The builders completed it after three years, in 2010. However, even though the project builder finished it, the owner opened it in 2011.

The owner of this hotel is Las Vegas Sands Corp. That is why this hotel is named Marina Bay Sands. The construction of this hotel costs a lot, but it is still worth it. This hotel has three towers. Each tower has 55 floors. The development of this hotel was under the architects Moshe Safdie and Boston.

Facilities inside the Hotel

If you want to vacation with family, maybe the first thing you will find out is about the facilities in the hotel. This hotel has a swimming pool which has a length of 150 meters. The area of ​​this swimming pool can make you feel the sensation as if you are swimming in the sky.

After you know about the swimming pool, the most important thing to remember is the restaurant. The hotel has several restaurants in it. One of them is restaurant sky on 57. This restaurant menu is made by a famous chef in Singapore.

By eating at this restaurant, the guests can also enjoy views of the Singapore horizon up to a 360-degree angle. Apart from the restaurant and swimming pool, the hotel also has shopping facilities provided for the guests.

This shopping place sells a variety of luxury jewelry to other classy watches. In addition, there is also a museum with a meeting room. This meeting room can also be rented when you want to hold an important meeting or other important events.

The Design of This Hotel

This hotel carries elements of art that are thick with the work of international artists. It also combined with the building works of Moshe. This design will make your family vacation more meaningful and luxurious.

Room Types

There are various types of rooms in this hotel. As the lowest type is Deluxe room, Premier room, Family room, Orchid Suite, Sands suite and the last one is Bay suites. Each room also has a different price.

This is because the facilities provided by each room are also different. The more expensive the room rate, the more complete the facilities that you can enjoy with your family. Therefore, take a moment of your time and also the money you have to enjoy firsthand the beauty and luxurious facilities at this hotel.

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